three bonzos and a piano, etc

musos from the mists of time . . .

meanwhile  . . .

back in time

dave put together a solo album ‘hernia years’ in 2003 featuring all his chums he’d played with over the years
then came the slightly dangerous brothers with roger & Dave in 1985
roger, sam & dave formed tatty ollity and released their first single ‘punktuation’ with rough trade in 1979

this is just the start!  more to come . . .

bob bent as

roger ruskin


the first logo for the new band
designed by dan johnson
of bdi

ron shirt as

rodney slater  

  sir hubert carpet as

sam spoons 

was it something I said?

Dave Glasson

as himself  

stay tuned - more to come! - just give us a bit more time!!

‘punktuation’ was written by dave & dr john Gribbin (author of over 100 books on science and fiction

there’s loads of stuff out there on the bonzos so we thought we’d look at our origins to start with . . . but we couldn’t resist showing you these early bonzo pics!

                Who do you recognise??