three bonzos and a piano, etc
was at the Bromsgrove gig and had a hoot.  I've waited over 40 years for this so a big THANKS! 
Thank you guys for a fantastic evening. Some of my earliest music memories are of the Bonzo’s. You are true legends. I am looking forward to the London show. Keep up the great work and keep smiling.
Love and kind regards
 Dear All
I had a bawl, who needs Neil Innes, dave Glasson is a class act and Andy McRoberts is very steady which allows the three real Looneys to get on with it.
Please keep on doing it and I hope to see you perform again soon!
Please dont ever grow up.
Henry. uppingham
Hi saw your show at The Artrix in Bromsgrove, thought it was brilliant, laughed till tears streamed down my face.
mark ledbury

Thinking's awfully hard when one ponders about it.

All I can say is that what I experienced on Sunday last should be on the national curriculum and a top note on the prescription pad of every general practitioner in the land! To be taken twice monthly wether you roll around in fits of raucous laughter or dribble at the sound of your expenSes being paid back by direct debit!!

P.S.Where can I send the few photos and videos to I managed to get on the night for your archives if you'd like!

P.P.S. A friend of mine is really convinced there is a seriously sexual element to the "Trouser Press". I feel he may have unresolved Freudian leanings but he owns an Irish Wolfhound. can this be a paradox or too much to drink on my behalf?

I attach a couple of pics from the evening -it was stunning and to see something I'd only heard on record or seen on video performed in this small venue in so wonderful a way that you felt that we could have been in the Albert Hall! the effect was so entrancing, or, as Oscar would have had it: "Well f**** me lads I fancy the one with the shiny t*** Mill***l for ever!". 

Send so many cheers to the band thanks for spreading the fun and please get back here soon!! Yours Sincerely.

Mark Bond  - liverpool

pics by Mark bond

Saw the show at the Baby Blue Liverpool and had a chance to talk to you all after. It was absolutely outstanding and my certificate for knowing the words to Shirt framed and proudly displayed. 
Thank you God for letting me experience the Bonzos.
Brilliant stuff, hoping to see you again in February.
Andrew Wilton - vancouver, canada
What about US in the US ?  ?  Any chance of aN American tour ?!??!   Please please !
Charles Ellis
KP Ohio

support team at howden pic by mark rodger

DAVE, ANDY (WAKE UP!), Rod & Rog at howden

pic by mark rodger

 Strewth its me mother!!!  Watch out because Lily will be coming to your gig at Warwick Arts Centre on 13th February.  She’s never been to a Bonzo evening of mayhem and cutlery percussion before and after hearing about your show at Cox’s Yard a few weeks ago dropped her glass of sherry  in astonishment which was enough to tell me she wanted to come.  Unfortunately my wife is still recovering in a darkened room after the last  gig so she will stay at home looking after the rabbits and ironing my short shirt.  Can hardly wait boyz meanwhile best wishes for your last show of 2010 and have a great Christmas.
 Cheers             Andy Green (Evesham )

Hi chaps
Just wanted to say what a great night it was at Cox’s Yard Stratford on Avon on Sunday last.  It is brilliant to see you all still performing and still writing more material.  I went with my wife and we also had the opportunity to have a chat with Sam afterwards which capped off a superb zany evening.  
Hope to get to another show in the new year.
Thanks again and keep on rocking (well sort of!!)         Andy Green (Evesham)
Dear Fellas
I have to say me and my dwarf "Vermin" laughed our b****ck off, I am also putting in a claim for a "credit" as I held the door open for you so you could enter the theatre at the start of your set.
The mayhem as expected ensued and The sight of Larry and Vernon singing "We were wrong" made me fall off my chair, Roger on top form as well and Sam needs to slow down as he is the most energetic OAP I have ever seen in my life.
I won a certificate for saying "Do What" and presented it to Lydia The Tattooed lady who sat next to me and told me she was envious, so like the chivalrous gentleman that I am I gave her one (the certificate that is), I have to say that Larry was superb all night long and although a normal red blooded heterosexual male I have to say his magic was working on me and to be fair "if he played his cards right, he could have had me"
Vernon reminds me of "Teach" from the Bash Street Kids and his reading of "Andrew the Tractor" was truly wonderful and had the audience in the palm of his hand.
Thanks again to Dave and Andy for doing the quality music and letting the lunatics get on with it. HENRY SMITH
THank you so much, currently becoming familiar with the new CD and have fallen in love with Satnav Sally, not the song but the young lady!
I'm very glad to see Vernon Dudley is still old and I enjoyed his bedtime story.  My favourite moment of the night was Legs Larry Smith's "Do you remember...things?"  And very very good to see a show that did not have trendy modern forty-something comedians hogging the limelight.  They're no good you know. I look for things that don't have Stephen Fry in them.  

John A W Lock  
Just a quick note of thanks to you both, and to all the other performers and crew,  for such a delightful evening Saturday. Until then I was a "Bonzos virgin" -- never having even seen/heard an appearance on screen or recording,  And I found it all such clever, charming and silly fun, with fantastic musical (and other) talents underneath/behind the foolery.
My very favourite (of many fave moments) bits were the song "PUNK-TUATION" and seeing SAM pretending to be a ventriloquist's dummy.  Also loved the "Rolf Harris"-type sketch/ bit, where the "random daubs" of white paint on black background turned out to be an
obvious [good likeness] self-portrait!  Now that's what I call art.
But it was all great -- and David, Bob, Ann H, Ann G, and Bill thought so too.
brecon - 19 feb ’10 - mike shiels writes . . . 

Had a very enjoyable gig in Brecon last night - three Bonzos and a Piano,
with guest Andy Roberts on guitar. the Bonzos put on an absolutely
cracking show. We were in the second row, almost in the middle, and were only a
few feet from the chaos, as you can see from my photos here:

We enjoyed the new numbers, particularly 'The Follicle Song', and Dave Glasson
looked comfortable amongst the robot debris and musical legs. Andy Roberts added some great guitar and ukulele. The old stuff was played with gusto, and we were worn out just watching Sam and Roger careering around the stage like teenagers.

The audience, apart from a few die-hard Bonzo fans, appeared to be part of a Saga
Holidays coach tour, and were completely stunned by the performance in front of them.

The highlight for me was winning a signed certificate during the 'Shirt Quiz',
where 30 years of dedicated Bonzo listening were rewarded as I muttered 'I got
plenny at 'ome' into the mic in response to Roger’s Shirt intro questions.

The whole thing though was completely wonderful. Our group had been to the first reunion gig in London, with Stephen Fry et al but we all agreed this was far
more enjoyable, and more like a 'real' Bonzos gig.

This wasn't a tribute or anniversary gig, this was a shirt event - and a load of bemused pensioners made it all the more wonderful. Echos of 60's Northern working mens’ club gigs where the audience were expecting a good old normal singalong, but got exploding robots and a crazed man with a ponytail playing a leg instead.

Afterwards we bought a few CD's, and were delighted that Roger and Sam took 
the time out to come and sign them. I had a quick chat with Sam who's really
enjoying doing these shows, and who told me 'this is what it's all about'.

I quite agree, and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that 30 years after first
hearing their music, I've finally got to see a proper Bonzo gig. The CD's good too.
On Sunday 2nd May I saw Ian Hunter And The Rant Band at the                                 Barbican Centre in London - supported by Three Bonzos And A Piano.
The Barbican seemed a slightly strange venue for a rock and roll concert. The screens in the foyer advertised concerts by various luminaries of the jazz and classical music world - Winton Marsalis and his Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, the violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and the great Russian conductor Valery Gergiev who looked a little like Arthur Daley - would you buy a used cello from this man?
I wonder what they would have thought of the motley procession that began in the foyer and entered the auditorium to start this concert. Sitting up in the balcony I gradually became aware of what sounded like a drunken Salvation Army band approaching. Roger Ruskin-Spear and his cohorts appeared marching through the stalls blowing trombones and clashing cymbals in peoples' faces. Three Bonzos And A Piano eventually reached the stage to deliver a wonderfully shambolic set of old favourites including Jollity Farm, and Canyons of Your Mind, with it's gloriously inept guitar solo. There were some hilarious moments - Sam Spoons playing the spoons in a strobe light; Roger Ruskin-Spear with his wondrous (and occasionally malfunctioning) robots. Finally a hospital trolley was wheeled onto the stage bearing an apparently lifeless body with a Frankenstein's monster head. Ruskin-Spear applied electric shocks and the 'monster' came to life and started playing the spoons, much to the delight of the audience.    From Mick Bolton -


Loved the gig in Southampton. Thanks for playing ‘Jollity Farm’ and for letting my mum stroke Roger's leg.Tremendous! Will there ever be an ‘Electric Shocks’ revival tour? Me and my brother loved that album.                                                     tony howard
"I have been wearing my t-shirt [Trouser Press] with pride! We had an absolutely brilliant evening and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Best night out we've had in ages.”
             Vicki x - southampton
Hi Bonzos, (and the piano !)
 I went to see you at Warrington Pyramid last night (5th March 2011).
I now understand the true definition of "organised chaos" !
Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for allowing me to escape from the insane world we live in,...... into a world of fantastic mayhem.                        Paul Mercer

R2 rock ‘n’ reel review - march ‘11

What does Mr. Slater's parrot say?  HELLO!,  Rodney, Roger, Sam and Dave

Just dropping this note to let you know cdbaby came through and I received 'Hair of the Dog' yesterday... Laughed loudly late into the night...hope I didn't disturb the neighbors.

I 've been waiting 40 years for someone to take up  the gauntlet laid down by the Bonzos , how ironic that it takes the Bonzos themselves to take it up and bring it into the new millennium. 'Hair of the Dog' is just what Dr. Jazz ordered . It sounds as if all involved are having a great time... I do hope this is not just a one-off cd release and that you are busy thinking up more silliness to spring on us for the future. If you ever tour the states, try and make it to the Los Angeles area 

Well Doo Dah for now... and remember Jollity Farm NOT Animal Farm!!

Straight From My Heart
Larry DeHaan
Go and see Three Bonzos and a Piano if you get the chance.
Like Vic Reeves' Big Night Out but with better tunes.
Best gig I've seen in ages. rusty spanner
Hi Boyz
Great show on Sunday at Warwick Arts Centre and as promised  I brought 81 yr old Lil along to join in the mayhem.  We  had a brilliant time and will be back again at a future gig before too long.  It was also good to be able to participate in Roger’s demonstration of gravity and particle expulsion!! How we marvelled at the robots.. ..the flashing lights, the bubbles and of course the erupting feathers.  As we gazed upwards the feathers floated with majesty and splendour until finally descending in a scene reminiscent of a snow storm onto Row 2 in particular myself and Lil.  We view them as Bonzoid gifts although my wife who is still plucking my navy blue sweater is now uttering rhinocratic oaths!!  See you again soon ... keep on rockin boyz!!  andy (Evesham)                        16 feb 2011
I have been thoroughly enjoying "Bum Notes", the latest from the group; fantastic stuff. This is lyrically and musically some of the best from the Bonzo family, EVER! (And snide in all the right places, too..."I'm Against Everything" should be heard in every American home...heehee!) Since I'm States-side I can't get to see your live insanity, but I've already decided this CD is Best Album of 2012!! Don't let the insanity stop, please?              Josh Rude - USA
Dear Bonzos,
What a wonderful evening of mirth I recently experienced at `The Old Market`, Brighton.
I was expecting a night of laughter, wonder and a skillful rendition of the musical arts.
There was no disappointment. You delivered the evening magnificently, Thank You.
I am in awe. All hail the Bonzos ! Suzy Davies - 30.06.13